It's not me it's you- Moving on without plastic

So after 44 years of a complicated relationship we finally decided that we were just not meant to be. So goodbye plastic it's time we both moved on.

The Catalyst

I have three children and usually school holidays are CRAZY!! But now they are older I had a week where they were working, visiting friend or cousins and I was on holidays and in a empty house. So I did what every insane women does.. cleaned. I cleaned the windows, floors, bedrooms, everything... Until all that was left was 'The Fridge'. I despise cleaning the fridge I don't know why, but I do. Usually I bribe my beautiful, clever daughters,who do such a wonderful job. But it was just me :(

I google some images of organised fridges and found this beautiful fridge filled with pre made salads in glass jars. I spent the whole day cleaning and organising the Fridge, THE WHOLE DAY! It looked amazing, I had salads and snacks in these beautiful jars, everything was organised, a work of art! :)

Now I do litter walks and pick up bags of litter while grumbling about how disgusting people can be. I say no to plastic bags, pack my children litter free lunches, have my own chickens and vegetable garden, stand up for the environment, take my own drink water bottle along. But there on the floor were bags and bags of plastic in one form or another, on my floor, from my fridge, all my waste. I realised why I avoided cleaning the fridge so much. It made me face my waste, my hypocrisy.

Then I started to see the plastic everywhere, my bathroom, laundry, kitchen, garage. I was surrounded by plastic and I hadn't even seen or thought about any of it.

I hit google again "living without plastic"; I came across and interview with Bea Johnson who lives waste free an was inspired. I became obsessed with googling people and ideas on living without plastic and reducing waste.

I felt like the Shearwater birds on Lord Howe Island; bringing home plastic to my chicks/family and they were ingesting them, like the rest of the world, voraciously.

Breaking the news

I sat my family down and told them from now on we were going to be living plastic free; the girls were okay, my son's complaints were noted and my husband committed obligingly.

So let us see how I go living in a smallish city that does not have too much in the way of plastic free.

Let the revolution begin :)

Follow the journey!

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