Plastic Free July

So I have finally fixed this blog and our home internet connection; apparently we had a bad line connection.

Since I last blabbed on and on; my family and I have continued to aim for zero waste living.

I have a facebook page; which “I try” and publish an idea, thought or competition once a day. As well as an Instagram account “No Waste, No Worries”.

I was asked to contribute a stall at the Cairns Eco Fiesta last month; while I was excited to be asked along, I was also nervous and had no idea what I was meant to be doing; I enlisted one of my wonderful daughters to come along, so I wouldn’t be stand there like a total reject, as everyone walked by. (and THAT’s why we have children ) The day was fantastic; there were so many people thinking of living plastic free or at least cutting down on their reliance of the malignant substance. I relished the opportunity to chat and sharing ideas, especially with so many younger people taking up the challenge.

Next I had a little stall at the CAFNEC plastic free launch. I got to speak to more people and enter the “sand building competition” whilst I resisted sabotaging other contests designs :) our talented team created a beautiful turtle and hatching. I scored a source voucher!!!!! YES!!! Woot woooo…. (Sorry I get a bit excited)

My current plastic free problem is that my family is craving cheese. I think they would wrestle it of a mouse trap; if there was a mouse trap with cheese laying around. Here are the hurdles I face with cheese; it’s all covered in plastic!!!! What about the deli? well; Coles and Woolworths have decided that they are not allowed (by themselves) to put their produces into outside containers; my containers are washed and dry, while theirs are straight out of a plastic factory; not even rinsed and covered with toxins!!!!

There is a half wheel I could buy 1.7kg for $70 plus….hmmmm well given the current cheese drought….No, that’s ridiculous! Is it? Stop!!! I am going cheese crazy.

So I brought a cheese making kit. I was going to go to lessons, but a skin cancer depleted that funding and then some.

The kit came home, I opened it up and Plastic!!!!! Are you kidding me! This stuff is everywhere, I went online and found a wooden kit made in NZ but they do not transport to Australia.

The delicatessens here in Cairns will put the cheese into my containers BUT they rewrap the remaining cheese, plus it is also expensive.

When I was in Brisbane a couple of weeks ago I drove past a shop called Formage and they look like they made cheese and sold it without plastic? I didn’t actually go in because we were going somewhere but; Would it last the two hour flight?

Sad story - there is still no cheese. My next step is to stop in at the Mareeba Deli to see what they have or wait for that half wheel to come on sale.

Enough about cheese..

So plastic free July has begun and I really don’t want you to think that this is an impossible task (even the cheese will resolve itself).

Here are a few easy steps to get you going;

Step One; NO PLASTIC bags – easy, easy easy just bring along your own bags. To make sure I don’t forget mine I leave my keys and wallet in it!

Step Two; NO PLASTIC produce bags – take reusable bags for your fruit and veg. I make my own out of lightweight old sheets and tablecloths, you can even use your mesh wash bags.

Step Three: NO PLASTIC bread bags – ask you bakery to put the fresh uncut loaf into your reusable, bread bag. This could be an old pillow cases – just cut it down if it is too big for you and sew a ribbon or string onto the side for a tie.

Step Four; NO PLASTIC cling wrap – cover your left overs with another overturned plate, tea towel, transfer into a jar or container or make up some bees wax wraps with cotton material and melted bees wax.

Step Five: COMPOST – kitchen scraps can be composted, fed to chickens and worms. My husband dug a big hole and covered it with left over chicken wire weighted down in every corner. Worms, sun and rain can still get in J

Step Six: Do you really need it? Beauty and cleaning products we are marketed into believing we need. Vinegar and bicard clean most things, dishwashing liquid and power can be refilled at source bulk foods or community foods. Vegetable soap and shampoo bar will clean you.

Step Seven; Get creative – explore how you can make your own plastic free products if there is none available. Google, dream and create.

Step Eight; Ask and share your experiences so we can all get better at living without plastic

Step Nine; Do a litter walk around your area to stop litter reaching our oceans xx

Step Ten; give up cheese! if you live in Cairns .

The revolution is alive xx

Follow the journey!

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