The Shame

I must apologise 'again' for my absence, it would appear that I NEED to know there is someone on the other side of this computer screen listening to me ramble and encouraging me into the guise that I am being heard. Which is why I have been living in the world of Facebook @No Waste No Worries, with its instant likes and responsive comments.

But today someone commented on this site which embarrassingly I had abandoned as; lonely and fruitless.

What a negative notion and the parallel of; too hard and too thankless, is exactly the change I am try to make towards our environmental attitudes.

So I will embrace all avenues of communication and keep speaking into the wind if I have to, who knows where my words will be blown.

Recap; since we last spoke; I have been continuing my waste free journey, my two daughters have left to chase their dreams, while also continuing to live waste free.

My son is in year 12 this year and is the most brilliant and handsome young man I know (tear swell :() so our nest may soon be empty.

Embarrassing moments; who doesn't love hearing about these. I have them daily :) or create them for my children. I have one that is a combination of embarrassment and pride, confused? allow me to explain; So a beautiful young lady ask me to speak at her high school about waste. I am terrible at public speaking my voice quivers and I possibly start to cry. BUT, this was a great chance to get the message out there to young women (girls school). I contacted the school and pushed for the chance to speak. Now I thought this was a class or possible a year 12 assembly, no. It was a full school assembly, I was on a stage with what seemed a million faces staring up at me (reality hundreds) I had an awesome presentation planned out.... and honestly, I have no idea what I ended up saying, my throat went dry and words just spilled out. Everyone was lovely and at the end, I just couldn't believe I had spoken in front of that many people, not well, but I had done it. There may have been tears?

When you think there is positively, absolutely, no way in hell you can do something, you are wrong.

It can be done; one word or step at the time. Yes, you will make mistakes but at the end you should see what you achieved; the waste stopped, the tree planted, the discussion started, you did it.

Pfft, that won't change or save the world......... my darlings it is the only way we can save our world.

Give yourself the power to stand up and say "I want something different, something better for my future."

Become part of the revolution of change

Follow the journey!

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