The Minds Eye

As I sit here thinking about what I can say to make people realise we all need to change to protect our world; I can hear a chorus of birds greeting the morning, I stare at the beautiful rainforest breathing its glorious life into the brilliant blue sky. I know today the ocean is perfectly calm and crystal clear, social media will soon be flooded in perfect snaps and drooling envy. Everything seems so perfect and tranquil.

How on earth can I say things are not perfect when looking outside, they are.

Do you know that our eyes do not actually see everything?? There are blind spots in our vision, all of us.

The interesting thing about the blind spot isn’t so much what we don’t see as what we do. The fact that there’s no visual information there doesn’t lead the brain to leave a blank in your visual field; instead, it paints in whatever background is likely to be there. If the blind spot falls on a dragonfly resting on a sandy beach, your brain doesn’t blot it out with a dark smudge; it fills it in with sand.

Our brain creates a big part of what we see, fascinating. But I can go further because as I drive, walk or swim I see litter that others apparently do not. Our brain, our consciences also creates, or directs us to, what we want to see.

Like hidden away sad memories in the backs of our minds, so is our waste, dumped, burnt, buried. But they all still exist.

So if we can fill in our blind spot with the not so nice pieces of the image and take control of the artist brush and create the perfect picture our minds want. What would we do?

Remove the litter; we obviously don't want to see anyway. I mean, really remove it; stop taking STUFF, stop buying STUFF, we don't need.

This is not just about litter. All this thrown away 'stuff' was make from products out of the ground, needed power, water, machinery, to be made. So it will stop the waste of resources as well.

What will people do for jobs if we stopped mining and importing? Start a circular economy by fixing the stuff we all ready have, recycle the resources that already exist.

Of course we can still have new, but do we need it for everything, every time, all 7 plus billion of us?

Pick up litter, refuse plastic bags, refuse straws, buy secondhand.

Start seeing the blind spots in our picture of waste and become part of the beautiful portrait of change.


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