You are not alone and you are not failing.

Okay so you are doing everything you can to save the planet; you have reduced your waste, pick up litter, plant trees, have an eatable garden, walk where you can, use public transport, eat less meat, buy secondhand, installed solar are out of the consumer Matrix.

However, everyone else is still over consuming and cancelling out all your good, ten times over. Why should you even bother, what good can one persons efforts do??????

Firstly, you are amazing (cheers and applause!!!) and amazing people ARE changing this world.

Secondly, you are not alone. There is a wave of people just like you lifting the veil on our thoughtless disregard to our environment and inspiring change all over the world. NO, it is not fast enough i totally agree. But momentum is building, despite the best efforts of those who wish to keep us in the Matrix that our life is just buy, buy, buy, die.

Living outside of the Matrix is a little harder; you have to use your imagination making do with what you already have rather than continuously popping into the store. It is imagination and thinking outside the box that is leading to some amazing ideas

In Denmark you can kayak Copenhagen Harbour for the price of a bucket of rubbish. Yes GreenKayak will let you use a kayak for a couple of hours for free and in return you collect waste from the harbour as you paddle around. GreenKayak record all rubbish collected to ascertain the source.

Indonesia is currently the second largest plastic waste producer in the world, behind China. David Christian is the founder of Evoware Indonesia, where they are turning another large Indonesian ocean product into a compostable even eatable plastic, using seaweed. This industry will hopefully create sustainable jobs and educate a country to reduce waste.

Perth, Australia the Electron Science Research Institute (ESRI) at Edith Cowan University designed energy harvesting glass that is now being produced by ClearVue. Imagine the glass in every building in the world making power..... No idea how it works but WOW!

Still in Australia, QANTAS is not the only q word in the dictionary without a u but it also the first airline to go plastic free. Whilst air travel is a major carbon contributor all Australian airlines are part of the Carbon Neutral Program; you pay a little extra on your flight and through a government regulated program companies offset your emissions through various programs like Conserving Tasmanian Wilderness Program. which you can choose directly with QANTAS.

The children of America have been fighting a court battle for the last three years Juliana -v- US. The plaintiffs’ (21 young children) claim that they have a constitutional right to a habitable environment and their allegation that the federal government has actively abridged that right by favouring fossil fuels. Whilst this claim was defeated in November 2018 the young plaintiffs and thousands of other children are now taking the case to the streets and causing the older generation to either feel embarrassed for their suspended animation or defensive of their "entitlements".

Another school child is Swedish Greta Thunberg whose eye opening to her environments future left her distraught. She decided to swap school for sitting outside Swedish parliament with a simple sign "skolstrejk for klimatet" from this started the world wide School Strike for Climate.

Ronni Kahn founded OzHarvest in 2004 in an attempt to reduce the massive about of food waste she saw. Staring with one van in Sydney, Australia, OzHarvest now deals with 3500 food donating business and 1300 charities. This simple idea takes food from landfill and redirects it to those in need.

Tangaroa Blue have thousands of volunteers collecting litter from thousand of locations around Australia, founded by Heidi Taylor. All the collection data is recorded in a data base which is used to hold waste contributors accountable. This data was used to support the push for a container deposit scheme in Queensland.

Many universities including James Cook are looking into how applying compost to grasslands holds great potential not just for farmlands, but also for other uninhabited lands that could restore carbon to the soil, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and efficiently dispose of green waste. NextGen compost created by the Inderbitzin Family retrieves green waste from surrounding farms and council tips in north Queensland which is used by farmers in this way.

There are hundreds more great stories likes these that show one persons simple idea being a CEO or a small child has spread and made change.

So "You take the blue pill—the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill—you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember: all I'm offering is the truth. Nothing more."

Follow the journey!

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