I run workshops for festivals, schools, workplaces, community events, parties, and private bookings. There is a variety of workshops to choose from, all of them are simple and plastic free solutions & swaps. I will supply all the ingredients and materials, as they will be covered in the workshop costs. I make sure that these are ethically & sustainably sourced, recycled, are natural, and can be composted after use. I am based in Cairns, Australia but am happy to travel within Australia depending on the event.



  • Bin Liners (Ditch the plastic ones and learn four different ways to make your own form recycled paper)

  • Produce & Shopping Bags

  • Beauty Products (make up, skin care, hair care)

  • Health & Hygiene (toothpaste, deodorant, hand sanitiser)

  • Household Cleaning Supplies (dishwashing tablets, washing machine powder, disinfectant, clothing stain remover, etc)

  • Composting (DIY compost bins or worm farms)

  • Sustainable Decorating (Bye bye balloons, how you can make decorations for your event that are still pretty but don't cost your wallet or the planet as much)

If any of these interest you or if there is something that your are eager to learn about but I haven't listed it, email me at